Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kuselan Movie Review

We felt bored on a sunday afternoon, so we decided to go to the 4:30 PM show of the new Superstar release Kuselan, at the local talkies. Bottomline, we replaced boredom with another bore!

What's good: The scenes are shot in very beautiful natural landscape, that takes some stress out. Meena looks pretty, but makes me wonder how a poor wife is able to get her eyebrows done!

What's boring: Basically, the film is meant for Rajinikanth's hardline fans. I am a fan, but I am not on the same wavelength as the hardliners, and therefore couldn't connect to the innumerable scenes and dialogues that simply focuses on him as centerpiece. Rajinikanth's name in the movie is Ashok Kumar, and he says something like "Padam nalla illai-na, ashok kumar-aa irundhaalum varamaatanga" - I disagree, we all make mistakes and endup in the theater!

The titles in the beginning said Prabhu was a guest artiste - I think in this movie, everyone else is a guest artiste!

Last, the climax speech about friendship was too intense - I am the type that pays to laugh for entertainment, not get intense. Finally, he gives us a new philosophy as "Matha, Pitha, Guru, Nanban, Dheivam" - introducing "nanban" or friend as a component in the traditional saying, and wonders why they left that out. Perhaps, there could have been a debate over girl-friend or boy-friend. Who cares! Then, he says he is going to go back to Madras, arrange a home for his friend and then the family should come over - why the hell can't he do that over a phone call - everything else happens over the phone!

These kind of movies makes us wonder about rebirth - I must have owed the film crew money in past life!