Friday, July 1, 2011

Between jobs or Beyond jobs?

Today I am between jobs. I know for sure because I accepted another offer and will be joining them next week. When people say they are between jobs, my crazy brain wants to ask "How would you know you are *between* jobs unless you have found one?" However, my mouth has been smarter to shut up, and help me stay polite! Especially, it would be rude in this tough economy. Once, I met an ex-GM from my company at a restaurant. Hoping to strike a career opportunity, I asked him where he was these days. His answer, "I am between jobs". Again, my crazy brain goes, "Maybe. You are actually *beyond* jobs", since I know he made a killing from his previous gig, and drives a porsche! Fortunately, again, my mouth was smarter to keep shut, so I didn't say anything career limiting! My apologies, if you are between or beyond jobs reading this - nothing personal!