Sunday, April 13, 2008

Costco cafe - truly a slip between cup and the lip

There is many a slip between the cup and the lip - so the proverb goes. Here is one such slip you'll love to know. I saved $6 today buying razors at Costco. As I proudly came out the store, the Costco cafe's very berry smoothies and sundae for $1.50 or less caught my eye, and I told my kids I am going to get them icecream. So, I stood in the line, and my kids sat in the benches with their mom. It took me a good 20 minutes to get to the cashier. The guy in front asked for a sundae and I heard the woman at the counter say "No" for some reason. He just threw his arms and went away. When it was my turn, she told me "No" again, and explained she couldn't take orders for sundae or smoothies because they ran out of cups! I was completely frustrated, and I told her she should put a note up her window so I'd have known not to stand in line, or give false hope to my 3 year olds. The person next to me agreed, but the cashier lady went on to explain she couldn't put a note because she didn't know when the cups might come in! I figured we were far apart to converge on something sensible, and was glad she didn't say it was my fault for their slip with the cups! We settled for the Baskin Robbins in the same complex.

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Vidhya said...

you must be happy for one reason - u convinced ur kids :-)