Friday, July 25, 2008

Geeky Repair - PC

In a prior blog, I wrote about my experience on assembling my own PC. Well, affter 5 years, it suddenly went down. No warnings, nothing unusual, and my wife had just browsed a few minutes back. The family badly wanted me to bring it back to life - guess it had become part of the family!

Since nothing was working, not even the fans, no beeps from boot, the easy suspect was the power supply. I was still taking a chance, but I wrote down the specs of the old power supply to find a new one at Fry's. It turned out the power supply boxes were at a minimum $25. I was a bit surprised, because I didn't remember spending so much the previous time around. Looking around in the same aisle, I noticed a lot of chassis, and some of them had power supply included. The minimum was $34, including the power supply. I felt it was better to get a new chassis, paying just $10 extra. Two motivations that led to my thinking:
  1. it covers me, in case the problem was a loose connection on the old chassis, and
  2. the black color matched my monitor, and it would be a nice upgrade.

It took me a couple of hours to unscrew the motherboard, hard disk and fans from the old chassis and screw them back on the new chassis. In the process I discovered how much I had forgotten - I almost scratched the motherboard to death. Gladly, the new setup worked, and our PC was back running. Decent $34 upgrade over the weekend,and we are all one happy family again!

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