Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Half Knowledge is Dangerous

These days, it is easy to quickly search on google and educate oneself on almost any topic. Many of us use it to look up medical conditions and ask intelligent questions to our doctor. This is all good, but we must realize that half knowledge is dangerous, and the web information does not substitute expertise from years of learning and working. Here is my rather amusing personal experience.

After reading up on liver problems caused by acidity and all that, I went for my physical checkup.

Me: "Doctor, I have pain in my liver" (touching below my left chest with my hand)
Doctor: "Do you have pain on the left side or right side?"
Me: (Touching again below my left chest) "The pain is here. I think it is acidity."
Doctor: "The liver is on the other side."
Me: (Now looking stupid) "Oh! Could it be pain in my heart?"
Doctor: "No, I think it is just gas."

Obviously, I went a bit far on the web search before checking whether the liver is on the right or left. Next time, I just listened to what the doctor said.

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