Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Problem with Everything being Natural

When my wife was carrying twins, I had a little rendezvous with her gynecologist that gave me a new perspective on Nature. She was suggesting a planned cesarean was the way to go, since that is the best way to ensure the safety of mom and the two babies. I argued with her that we should try to make it as natural birth as possible, and not plan to use artificial methods like C-section when it is not needed. She explained that she was cool with my approach, except that I need to realize by leaving it to nature, some babies or moms will die during pregnancy. Especially with twins, the second baby undergoes a lot of stress and increased heartbeat before coming out, which can pose an increased risk of survival. If I am cool with taking that risk, then she was perfectly willing to follow the natural process. What she was suggesting was a process by which she could better guarantee the safety of both the babies and the mother. It made me rethink about leaving everything to natural way! These days I tend to think inventions and discoveries are driven by and are part of nature, that almost nothing can be called artificial.

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