Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dowry & Divorce - Interesting Judgement

If you patch up with your ex-wife, Indian law takes you off the hook on dowry cases, even if convicted. This link shows the interesting judgment that caught my eye. I agree with the view that courts should get off the back of couples who want to patch up. However, I respectfully disagree that dowry cases can be used as legal substitutes to bargain in divorce proceedings. What if the guy and the girl didn't patch up? The guy may have had to go to jail for 3 years, but the dowry case is suspect in the first place, given this patch up drama. The court is innovative - it kept the conviction to make legal sense, but offset the sentence to the few days the guy spent in jail. But, rather than having obnoxious laws and being innovative in interpretation, it is better to have simpler laws that allow such win-win situations, in a more predictable manner. Let's hope some day Indian laws catch up.

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