Saturday, April 25, 2009

Book Review - The Age of Turbulence

The Age of Turbulence - Alan Greenspan: A pretty thick biography of the former Fed Chairman to be read over a long time, but the time is well worth it. There is a lot of learning beyond just economics , from someone who has dealt with so many presidents, with both republican and democratic governments, and other leaders of the world. His assessment of various presidents' personalities from Nixon all the way to Bush (both father and son), how he has managed to negotiate, influence in a structured way, and navigate the political maze so successfully in Washington for decades, is all very impressive, inspiring, and educational. Obviously, he talks about the Fed and the Chairman's responsibilities, and offers insights into the economic issues he has faced and overcome through the years , but not in Fed Speak, so it is easy to understand and appreciate. While there will always be critics and debates over his tenure and decisions he made, many of us will accept him as brilliant and blessed to have such an outstanding career, and I am glad America has valued and benefitted most from his intelligence - should we call that rational exuberance?

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