Saturday, April 4, 2009

Book Review - It's a Jungle out there, Jane

It's a Jungle out there, Jane by Dr. Joy Browne: A pretty useful, entertaining and educational reading that brings out why men (or the male animals?) behave the way they do. Dr. Browne compares a lot of men and women behavior with the animal world citing examples from lions, dogs, gorillas and evolution science, to explain how behavioral evolution is slower than we'd like, to achieve the ideal behaviors we expect in today's world. Just after it appears an overdose of evolution and bias towards justifying men's behavior, she amazingly includes several paragraphs of advice for both Tarzan & Jane, that should make the relationship better, removing doubts that this is a one-sided book. A lot of new learning for me - that Bible defines adultery differently (as an affair between a man and a married woman, not a single woman), that availability of easier and better contraception methods is what triggered women's freedom and the drive for equality today (so they get grounded with babies only when they feel like), that male bears roam over a much larger territory than female bears. This is a good book to read for any man or woman about to get married, or in troubled relationships. And, those who have already screwed it all up, can also read so they can better explain why they screwed up! As well, to do better next time around!

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