Friday, November 27, 2009

Tamil Movie Songs - Lyrics vs Video

Sometimes I have been amused, and sometimes amazed how tamil cine songs synchronize lyrics with the corresponding video or the scene. Examples below:

In the song, "Idhazhil kathai ezhuthum neram idhu" (Unnal mudiyum thambi - Kamal, Seetha), there is a line that goes like "...kaalam varum varai poruthirunthaal, kanni ival malar karam thazhuvidumey..." meaning, if he waits until the time comes, she will hug with her flower-like arms. Nice poetic effect, but if you watch the video, Seetha sings this line when he is already carrying her on his back, with her arms around his neck!

In the song "Akarai cheemai azhaginiley" (Priya), there is a line that goes like "...verum pechu, vetti kootam, edhum illai intha ooril...", meaning this town has no time for empty talk, no idle crowds, referring to active, busy and hard working Singaporeans. The video however shows a beach crowd, where people are just lying idle enjoying the beach! Not quite what the poet in mind!

In the song "Janani Janani" (Thai Mookambikai), the movie makers seem to have made a conscious attempt to synchronize the lyrics word for word with the video. For example, "simha vahini nee" shows the goddess sitting on a lion, "jagan mohini nee"shows the goddess with a globe going around, and "linga roopiniye..." shows the shankaracharya worshipping a lingam.

Glad to see paying attention to detail is still a virtue even if it is just entertainment.

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