Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shoaib Drama, Kushbu Drama

Finally Shoaib and Sania are getting married, thanks to a negotiated divorce settlement of Rs 15000, that also made his first wife's family very happy. Yeah, right! So, they take the trouble to produce a signed nikah nama copy, file a police complaint for cheating, dowry harrassment and deal with a hounding media, lawyers and mediating congressmen for a measly settlement? I wasn't convinced anybody was happy, until I saw that there are reports suggesting the settlement was a whopping 15 Crore! Obviously the guy had to give in or his new marriage languishes for years until the courts decide his fate. If the news is true, India's obnoxius laws has come in handy for yet another extortion.

There was also another Supreme Court hearing on another rich actress Kushboo's case related to her comments on couples living together before marriage and engaging in pre-marital sex. I saw a lot of newspaper and web comments on moral values, the court's citing of Rama and Krishna and strong feelings on the issue. Underlying, that case should have had a money motive as well - the petitioners must have strong feelings over Kushboo's money rather than couples living-in, but weren't so successful in getting a settlement, thanks to her persistence! She could afford all the drag in court.

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