Saturday, May 8, 2010


We visited the Akshardham temple in Delhi today. Pretty impressive, and nice way to spend the evening. They have organized things very well, but I had a couple of gripes:

They take every electronic item for safekeeping - cameras, mobile phones and such. So, I couldn't take ANY pictures. From where we parked, there was no good shot, and they should at least have a photo spot. That was a bummer. I have no clue what temples are worried about with visitors taking photos - I think crooks can get hold of the images they need these days, if that's what the management is trying to avoid. And nobody is going to take pictures to build another look-alike temple to steal tourists!

The inner temple was closed for construction. I wish they had indicated this on the website. It was still nice to walk around the inner temple, pond, gardens and admire the overall architecture. This also explained why we were allowed to wear shoes inside - temples in and around Delhi require you walk barefoot in 45C degree heat on a coir carpet (sometimes they water it as well).

There was a board which said modest and respectable clothes are mandatory and outlined a few acceptable things. It also said below Burqa and Lungi are not acceptable. I understand the aversion to lungi, but burqa must be modest and respectable!

I shouldn't complain, and my gripes shouldn't matter because I only go to temples to admire the architecture!

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