Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saving women victims of human trafficking - Just Trust

This news article and interview with Just Trust founder Mr. Jebaraj caught my eye. The Indian pledge states, "all Indians are my brothers and sisters", but it seems thousands of sisters are exceptions, and forced into flesh trade in well organized human trafficking. It is noteworthy that Mr. Jebaraj has truly been a great brother to hundreds of sisters that he has helped rescue from human trafficking. Especially, his commitment to this cause has been since 1980.

On a parallel note, a school teacher friend of mine in San Jose, who had seen Slumdog Millionaire, was asking me about how I felt about the movie showing how children and women in India are victimized. I just replied it was reality and the challenge is enormous with the large poor population and the difficulty in getting the system to work well. She went on to add that right here in silicon valley, there is exploitation of women - some of her academically challenged students' moms are single and claim they also have to work at nights. Probing a bit further, she explained they happen to be prostitutes trying to make ends meet. Many are from a particular ethnic group, and there are likely immigrant women exploited due to their visa situation. If this is happening in stock options rich silicon valley, it should not be surprising that developing countries are struggling with the trafficking problem.

Just writing to spread awareness - the least I can do.

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